Educating and Empowering Young People

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Youth Intervention

Educating and empowering young people to become productive, responsible and law abiding citizens.

Relationship Improvement
Building relationships through various constructive activities to improve overall performance.
Dose of Reality
Is your child out of control? Are you at your whits end and don’t know what else to do? Try our signature program.

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Thank you so much for the impact you made on my daughter! I have seen some difference already. I told my son that if his attitude keeps up, he will going through Dose of Reality, too. What impressed me most, when (my son) started getting an attitude with her, she stayed calm. Before Dose of Reality, she would be ready to hit him and be yelling at him. Now she wants to come back only to help save other kids! Thank you all for everything!

Korin Owens


I want to thank you Mr Shawn, Mr Donald, and the rest of your team! I just left Toledo with my 2 children (11 and 13), and you have all made an impact! This program is a true blessing and an eye opener! I can not explain in words the impact you have made already for us! I support your mission 100%!

Jessica Green


Thank you so much for helping my son. He has been a completely different kid since he came home from your program!

Nicole Bloom


Safe and effective behavior modification

Our behavioral modification program is a live, informative, and life-changing experience designed for families who want a more peaceful home environment and better relationships with their kids who, through our programming, become productive members of society.

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